1. Kimchi
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You have a sexy mood, You make me curious, Flying up to the universe, You're a Miracle
You're wearing sexy red, You're wearing green and white, Flying up to the universe, You're attractive

# Pre-Chorus
You're so hot, The hotter the better, Come on bring it on, You make me stronger, You're so unique, I can't live without you, You're magnificent, Keep clam and have Kimchi!

# Chorus
Kimchi, Kimchi, Kimchi, Fire! Kimchi, Kimchi, Kimchi, 톡톡쏴! 매콤달콤 새콤달콤한 맛에 빠져드는나!
Kimchi, I Indulge in you!

# Rap
배추김치 , 백김치 , 동치미 ,깍두기 , 하박김치, 파김치, 열무김치, 갓김치, 총각김치! 우리는 김치 Family! 모두모여 톡톡쏘는 김치를 맛봐, 너는 천하무적 싸워이기는 일등공신 머든지 물리칠수있어! 김치는 맛있어! 맛있는건 김치! love Kimchi 김치를 싸랑해!

You give me super power, You make me so excited,
Burning fire, fire in my mouth! You have many spices, You give me strong power, Burning fire, fire in my heart

# Pre-Chorus
# Chorus
# Rap
김치는 나의 모든것 김치 없이는 못살아! 김치는 변화무쌍! 뭐든지 다 할수 있어! 김치가 자랑스러워! 그 무엇과도 바꿀수없어! You are the Best! You are the best! Best! Best! You are Special!

# Chours

Kimchi, Kimchi, Kimchi, You are the best! You are the Best! Best! Best! You are Special! Kimchi, Kimchi, I indulge in you, Kimchi, I indulge in you! Kimchi!