From the recording Beautiful Soul

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No matter how bad it may seems, There have been many ups and downs our journey of life,
But stop for a moment, stand still and open your eyes, see the wonder and magic around you

# Pre-Chorus
When one door closes another door opens, Open the door, it may lead you someplace that you never expected, You take a deep breath in, Step on through and start a new chapter in your life

# Chorus
Hey Yo! Stand up, Keep fighting you should never give up, Hey Yo! 일어나 그 어떤 실패와 좌절에도 Hey yo! Stand up, Everybody has their ups and downs, That's what makes you tougher and makes you stronger

Good times and bad times we go through it all, And you can take it in a positive way and learn from it all, Whatever happens You have to trust and believe in yourself, Keep the faith and don't let people put you down

# Pre-Chorus
# Chorus (x2)

인생은 변화무쌍의 그 모든것 Life is like a rollercoaster 마치 때로는 시계추처럼 흐르는 강물처럼 떠도는 구름처럼 실바람처럼 큰 폭포수처럼 우리앞에 닥쳐오지만 우주의 오묘함 속에 슬기로운 지혜로써 모든 역경을 이겨내! 강한 의지와 인내로 우리는 기적을 만들수 있어! Always keep going! No matter what happens around you yeah!

# Pre-chorus

# Chours (x2)
Hey Yo! Hey Yo! Hey Yo! Makes you Stronger!