From the recording Beautiful Soul

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# Chorus
Let's Celebrate with beloved friends and family, Let's Celebrate, Are you ready to have a party? 축배를 들어 사랑과 행복을 향해 Let's Celebrate, Each day holds a surprise

Celebrate every tiny victory, Enjoy life, Celebrate life yeah, Love yourself and Celebrate yourself, Just keep shaking, Oh Happy day

# Pre-Chorus
The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate, Linking arms together, Spinning around and around, Express your feeling and share the happy love

# Chorus

I got bunch of beautiful flowers, Today was my happiest day yeah, Share the bunch of wonderful power, Everybody Let's go and Celebrate!

# Pre-chorus

Cheers, hurray, 위하여 / 우리들의 기쁘고 소중한 시간들 !
Cheers, hurray, 위하여 / 우리들의 불타는 열정을 마셔!


Let's Celebrate ! Celebrate! Celebrate ! Celebrate! Let's party! Let's party! Let's party! Come on yo! Each day holds a suprise! Let's Celebrate, each day holds a suprise! (x2)